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Why IT Directors Can't Sleep at Night

Performance anxiety is REAL. IT Directors face an enormous amount of pressure from all sides. Over decades of working with Executive IT professionals we've found that there are three key areas where most IT Directors experience fear, failure, dysfunction, or anxiety in their roles:


Systems are designed with a purpose in mind. In reality, they often fail to live up to expectations. Systems are especially exposed to the risk of potential bottlenecks. Multiple integration points, data flow problems, and manual or external processes all interfere with the efficiency and purpose of a specific system.

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Identifying where the bottlenecks are allows you, as the leader, to prioritize effectively. When you know where the gaps are you can fill them. You can reprioritize work to effectively flow through your work channels, removing obstacles that interfere with your CRITICAL path.


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People are the biggest variable in your organization. The human and organic nature of people dictates that your results are going to be highly randomized in this area. Sometimes, something as simple as a key person having a bad day can make a big difference in your outcomes. But there are many effective ways to manage this variable, and it has a lot to do with creating a work environment and culture that fosters progressive elaboration and improvement, and continuous growth -- as a UNIT. The first step is in understanding the current culture of your organization and then creating a roadmap to the desired culture you seek.


At the end of the day, only one thing truly matters in your organization: Results. We all know this to be true. It's not because the other aspects of your organization are not important. It is simply because if you are not producing results, eventually you will no longer be leading your organization. This is the primary metric of any business. And a tremendous amount of anxiety can result from a failure to deliver. Especially in a high risk position such as yours. But there is an answer. Ask the right questions. Analyze the results. Define the shortest path from A to B. And then execute against that vision. At Exaio, this is our specialty, developed over decades in the tech ARENA.

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At Exaio, we specialize in discreetly supporting IT Directors in vastly improving the quality, performance, efficiency, and prevailing culture of their organizations.

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A Wide Array of Experience + A Formula for Success

Servicing clients in Enterprise IT since 1994, we have seen it all. The greatest success in IT comes from creating a lean pipeline with a consistent, predictable, and reliable throughput in an environment and culture that cultivates high performance as a shared value. We follow a distinct coaching process, together with you, to streamline your organization:

#1: Data Collection

In order to understand the current state of your organization it's necessary to gather key data points in a succint and efficient process designed to surface information rapidly.

#2: Analytics

Following data collection we move into analysis. A layout of the overall functioning of the organization is defined and metrics are established and understood.

#3: Infrastructure

We get a handle on the construction of your organization. Who's who? What is what? We understand human resources, physical assets, security exposure.

#4: Mindset

We look at the culture and mindset of the organization. We want to identify your leadership style and help you to define how best to transmit your values to your team. Or, open your eyes to new approaches.

#5: Prioritization

Once we have a clear picture of the organization, we zero in on your bottlenecks. We target the fixes with the best ROI and get out of the starting blocks and moving quickly.

#6: Incremental Success

We use a process of iterative feedback and repetition to progressively increase the performance, strength, and responsiveness of your organization.

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